Virtual Beer Run Finisher Medal

One of the positive note from the pandemic is that there has been a rise in people turning to outdoor activities. Running for instance has been the exercise of choice of many, since workout gyms and other indoor training facilities have been closed. Many 5K, 10K, beer runs have been turned into virtual run, when runners participate the run on their own time and will be sent a finisher medal. Furthermore, Many race directors predicted that when people are allowed to gather again, there will be an increase of runners participating in running races such as marathons. That is good news for the race industry.

The Anchorage Beer Run has pivoted to a virtual race, the organizers have turned to us to design a smashing design that runners want to get their hands on.

The Race Medal Design

Since this is a beer run, we thought a bottle opener will add a nice touch to the functionality. Bottle opener race medals are always a big hit because it is fun and it makes it something more than a medal. As for the overall shape design we made it into a beer cap to tie in the theme of the beer run. The organizers love the look of a die cast medal with no color fill. The medal will have a rustic look with antique metal finish.

Once we finish the design of the die cast medals, it is processed through a special program where a 3D rendering is created. The 3D drawing will show the raised and recessed parts so clients will get a good idea of the depth and details since it may not be entirely visible on the original design file.

3D rendering of the race medal

The Race Medal Production

Once the design and 3D rendering is approved, we move onto production of the race medals. First we will make a mold which will be used to stamp all the medals. A sample will be created first so we can verify the details and functionality of the medal. The client will also have a chance to make any last minute changes if necessary. While major changes is not possible without going back to square one, small changes can be made on the mold at this point.

When the sample medal is approved, full production will start and it will usually take up to 2 weeks to finish the medal production as well as neckband ribbons.

The Result

Some people may thank the pandemic for rekindling their love of running and being outdoors, while others are just thankful to be healthy and be able to do what they love. We can just tell the organizers and beer run participants are loving the virtual run finisher medal! We look forward to seeing more creative virtual running races!