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    Custom race medals, medallions, coins, pins, dog tags and more

    Custom Race Medals

    Whether you have a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon, we can create a unique running race medal for your event. Starting with a custom mold, color fill and different plating options, your event awards will be the talk of the town!

    Coins, Pins

    Commemorative coins and pins made from hard enamel, soft enamel or full color offset printing and a variety of attachments.

    Neck Bands

    Colorful neck bands, silkscreened printed or dye sublimation printed with high resolution printing technologies.

    Our Story

    MSH Medals is founded by runners and fitness enthusiasts that love the outdoors and participate in running races. We also understand the challenges faced by organizers to stay with budget and improve the race experiences. We specialize in custom race medals, for 5K, 10K, half marathon, full / double marathon, relay races, bike races. It all starts with your idea, then we turn it into custom creations with bells and whistles! Some popular race medals include police badge medals, bottle opener race medals, spinning medals, glow in the dark medals, 3D medals, dog tags, glitter medals, belt buckle medals. Our goal is to help you, race directors and event coordinators, to produce successful events, and to produce memorable custom awards for runners and keep them coming back year after year!

    Latest news

    • May, 3

      Bright Color Race Medals for Marathon Series

      After many virtual races in the last couple years, one of our favorite race, the Blue Ridge Marathon, is back. “America’s toughest road race” is back to its full glory of a weekend of festivities and fantastic running in the town of Roanoke, Virginia. This years medal stand out greatly with their vibrant colors and […]

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      Feb, 11

      Insurance coverage trend for running events

      The running race and event community has been impacted greatly by the pandemic. Many events have been cancelled, postponed or scaled down. Right now we are slowly seeing a limited number of marathon, 5K, 10K races and events scheduled for summer 2021 and later. Our guest today is Michael Iser, veteran insurance and risk management […]

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    • Jan, 11

      How to Design Virtual Race Medal

      As running races transition to virtual format, race directors and runners are adjusting to a new form of races. There are things that are simplified, namely race day logistics, road closures, permit etc. Other things got complicated, such as fulfillment and distribution of race kits, marketing. How to design a virtual race medal that is […]

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      Dec, 17

      Growing a Marathon Race Event

      Blue Ridge Marathon, aka America’s toughest road marathon is one of the signature events put together by Roanoke Outside.  Under the event director Julia Boa’s leadership the race had grown 15% in revenue each year for the past five years. In this special interview we talk to Julia about her strategies in growing a marathon […]

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    • Dec, 7

      Virtual 5K Medal for Roller Derby Fundraiser

      For many organizations, especially non profits, fundraising is a big part of their operations. Derby Dolls, a roller derby league in Los Angeles, is a non profit that rely on events to fund their programs and operations. When COVID hit and all events were cancelled, they were quickly depleting their savings. Then they decided to […]

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      Nov, 30

      Virtual 5K 10K Turkey Trot Race

      It has been a tradition on every Thanksgiving morning for people to gather in Burbank to run in one of the largest turkey trot in the Los Angeles area. This year however, the organizers at Burbank YMCA transitioned the race to a virtual 5K 10K turkey trot instead. The race may look different but the […]

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    • Oct, 29

      Race Kits for Virtual Races

      We are in a new era – as schools and work are being done remotely, events, celebrations and parties are transitioning to the virtual space. Sport races such as 5K, 10K and marathons, have been pivoting to virtual race. For many runners, one of the most important aspects of entering a race is to receive […]

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      Sep, 16

      Virtual Beer Run Finisher Medal

      One of the positive note from the pandemic is that there has been a rise in people turning to outdoor activities. Running for instance has been the exercise of choice of many, since workout gyms and other indoor training facilities have been closed. Many 5K, 10K, beer runs have been turned into virtual run, when […]

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    • Dec, 3

      Triathlon race medal and merchandise

      Triathlon race medal and merchandise Each year there are about 4 million people who participate in triathlon races. It is when you swim, bike and run in the same race. It’s a test for overall athletic ability, endurance and strength. Triathlon athletes train for not one but three sports, it takes many hours of dedication […]

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      Nov, 20

      Trail Run Marathon Medals

      Trail Run Marathon Medals. There are 61 national parks in the United States. The outdoors and nature is a beautiful backdrop to trail run events. Destination trail run events (including 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon) have become a trend in the recent years, attracting runners from all over the world to escape the city […]

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