Derby 5k 3D bottle opener fun run medals

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Santa Anita Park is a historical horse racing venue where the famed Seabiscuit won the Santa Anita Handicap in 1940. Each year around April the Derby Day 5K draws thousands of runners for a beautiful day of racing (running!). It is a fun event for the whole family since it also has a fun run just for kids. Lots of fun await at the finish line with beers and kid friendly activities. For this year’s 5K fun run we created a unique 3D bottle opener medal!

Fun run bottle opener medal

The Design

The organizers of the race were looking for a fresh take of the medal, and also looking to include medals for the winners and kids run. We suggested to create a bottle opener medal that is vintage and historic, since there is a beer garden at the end of the race.  The client provided a picture of thoroughbred horse they’d like to use and we used it as a focal point of the design, integrating the bottle opening function as well as adding antique-like finish to the medal.

Kids fun run finisher medal
Winners medal

For the kids fun run we used portions of a comical drawing of the race and created a medal made of silicone material. Silicone medals are soft, and flexible, therefore safe for kids. Its ability to be colored makes it a fun alternative to traditional zinc alloy medals.

The Production

Kids neckband
Age Group Winner Neckbands












Since the organizers wanted to create winner medals for all the age group winners, we suggested using the same finisher medal design but coating it differently to create a new look for winners. We used gold, silver and bronze coating for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place respectively. This not only saves time and money in design and production process, eliminating the need to create completely different molds for a small quantity of winner medals.

For the neckband we used the iconic jacquard pattern with colors that are special to Santa Anita Park to finish the look. Same design with different colors were used on the kids medal.

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