Race Medal Plating Chart

Race Medal Plating Chart

Most race medals are made of zinc alloy. When the mold is made and metals are pressed, they are unfinished and would need to be polished and electroplated. The picture below shows how race medals initially look like:

Race medal hot off the mold! Race medal plating chart
Race medal hot off the mold!

Our plating option will give the medal the finish that you’d expect. Below you will our most popular medal finish. Shiny gold, silver and copper are most popular. Antique finishes are best for no color fills, you can see that the text reads better that way. Black dye works great with fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark colors. We have other custom finish too so send us a Quote Request!

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Race medal plating chart
Race medal plating chart. See how each color changes the look of the same medal