Custom Awards & Tophies


Custom Awards & Tophies

For the winners of the race we can create custom awards that will commemorates the event beautifully. Choose from a variety of materials, imprinting methods, size and shapes for a custom one of a kind award piece. Each one of our awards is made with extreme care and numerous process to ensure the highest quality.


acrylic award

Awards are usually made of glass, acrylic or crystal. Acrylic is most economical, glass and crystal are more expensive and have more weight.

Decoration Methods

We can print logos, name of the race and other graphics by laser engraving, screen-printing, and full color digital printing. We can even use multiple printing methods on the same award for special effects. Personalization of names can be done as well.

Types of Awards

1. Paperweight

Paperweights are elegant gifts that can be used as awards and corporate gifts. They come in acrylic or glass. Laser engraving, screen-printing and full color printing are available.

circle paperweight
Full color printed paperweight. Custom Awards & Tophies











2. Plaques

Plaques are timeless gifts to celebrate the winners and achievements. They can be hung onto walls and gift boxes are included. Laser engraving, screen-printing and full color printing are available.

3. Awards
Our awards come in many different sizes and materials. With the different printing methods each one is unique and custom.
circle acrylic award

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MSH Medals is founded by runners and fitness enthusiasts that love the outdoors and participate in running races. We also understand the challenges faced by organizers to stay with budget and improve the race experiences. We specialize in custom race medals, for 5K, 10K, half marathon, full / double marathon, relay races, bike races. It all starts with your idea, then we turn it into custom creations with bells and whistles! Some popular race medals include police badge medals, bottle opener race medals, spinning medals, glow in the dark medals, 3D medals, dog tags, glitter medals, belt buckle medals. Our goal is to help you, race directors and event coordinators, to produce successful events, and to produce memorable custom awards for runners and keep them coming back year after year! Call us today at 323-379-4887 or email [email protected].