Triathlon race medal and merchandise

Triathlon race medal and merchandise

Each year there are about 4 million people who participate in triathlon races. It is when you swim, bike and run in the same race. It’s a test for overall athletic ability, endurance and strength.

Triathlon athletes train for not one but three sports, it takes many hours of dedication and sacrifice. When we were enlisted by Mojo Triathlon to create their triathlon race medal, we knew we would have to do something special.

The Design

The organizers have a general idea of how they’d like the medal to look. The race takes place in Butler County, Ohio, and they want to feature the most visible landmarks of the area, notably the water tower. We were given a sketch of the medal, and with that our designers get right to work.

Original sketch of medal the client provided

With cityscapes and landmarks, sometimes it is best to create 3D medals so small details and depth can be shown. That is what we did with the water tower. It is an important element to the client so we made it in 3D so the small details on the tower can be closely re-created. With the rest of the medal in bright colors, the 3D water tower is also a sharp contrast to the rest of the medal.

The virtual proof of race medal showing 3D elements

Being a full service medal manufacturing company, we are able to take a simple sketch from client, digitize the image in a way that will work on a race medal. Although many clients have in-house designers, race medal design differs from web or print design because it is 3-dimensional, with various add-on decoration techniques possible. When clients come to us with an idea, an un-finished artwork or a sketch, our design team can recommend the best technique to transform the design to a race medal.

The Merchandise

Triathlon race beach towels for finishers

At almost every race the participants would get a tech t-shirts as gifts. Our triathlon client wanted to do something different. Other race merchandise would be water bottles, bags, headbands, socks, and since this is a triathlon we suggested beach towels. The finishers were able to use them right away, and with summer coming they are useful for when they are out at the beach or at a picnic or park.

The beach towel provides ample space for a great number of sponsor logos

Another great reason for using a beach towel is that the race was sponsored by almost 20 organizations and local businesses. The back of a t-shirt may work well too but in this case, the beach towel provided a great canvas for sponsor advertising. Our full service capability was again a tremendous help to the client because our design team was able to sort out the different sponsor logos formats and convert them into crisp clean logos to be printed on the beach towels.

The race was a great success, the medals were a big hit and so was the beach towel!

Winners for triathlon race

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