Trail Run Marathon Medals

The 3 running medals are similar in shape, design but are distinguished in size and color.

Trail Run Marathon Medals. There are 61 national parks in the United States. The outdoors and nature is a beautiful backdrop to trail run events. Destination trail run events (including 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon) have become a trend in the recent years, attracting runners from all over the world to escape the city to a weekend of running and tourism activities.

The Rocky Mountain Half Marathon & 5K is held every year in Colorado in Rocky Mountain National Park. The organizers want to produce a memorable medal and keepsake for each runner.

The Design

The medals for this race include 5K, half marathon and double (both races). It was decided that the medals would be in similar shape but in different sizes. The largest medal is the double (5K and half), then half marathon medal, then 5K medal being the smallest. Design time and proofing will be simplified since all the medals will be pretty much similar except for size.

Furthermore, the medals will have different electroplating colors. Having different sized and colored medals for each race will make it quick and easy for volunteers and staff to separate the medals and distribute the correct ones to runners! In the fast paced environment of running races this is essential!

The organizers also want to include an inspirational quote and additional info on the medal. We suggested to put them on the back instead of crowding the front of the medal. The back of the medal is a perfect place to include race date, race time and other information. It provide more room for info but not take away the main design of the medals.

Back of the medal is a great place to include race date, or engrave plate with names or race time.

On race date, runners trail through the Rocky Mountains with beautiful scenery, and at the end, they were rewarded with a piece of the mountains to take home with them.

Source: instagram/kellie.wendell

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