3D Vintage Medal – Spicewood Vineyards Half Marathon

Do you like wine and running? How about combining both passion into a fun and relaxing event you and you friends will truly enjoy? The Spicewood Vineyards located near Austin, Texas produces award-winning wines. They have also been celebrating 5K, 10K and Half Marathon winners the last few years. Participants will run through the winery and nearby scenic roads, and will finish the race with gourmet food catering and wine tasting. We have been asked to produce their half marathon medal for 2015.

The Design

Spicewood Half Marathon Medal Design

The medal design comprised of bull born, a picture of vineyard. This time we were able to make these elements into 3D. The bull horns are multi-levels with curves like a real sculpture! As for the plating customer chose a antique bronze colors which go with the design very well. An insider tip: antique finish works especially well with designs without a lot of color fill. It makes text and design details more clear and readable, check out our plating chart to see the comparison between the different finishes!

The Production

Variation of medals using different inks
Variation of medals using different inks

Color on medals is not quite the same as printing on paper, or clothing. To get an excellent medal sometimes it takes testing and experiments. With each change and iteration we will get the correct color and effect that the customer is looking for. The customer wanted a red color fill for the background of medal. We experimented with a regular ink as well as transparent red ink. Sometimes you just don’t know what looks better until you see it side by side, right? That’s exactly what we did, the transparent red incorporated the antique finish and works better with the overall design. That’s the color the customer finally ended up with!

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