Simple, minimalist 5K race medal

Creating a simple 5K race medal
Creating a simple 5K race medal for Champagne Runch


How to create a simple 5K race medal?

Fall is a perfect time for races, and what’s not to love about post-race brunch? Champagne Runch is a 5K running event in Southern California that appeals to both runners and foodies alike. 3rd year in running, it draws Los Angeles locals for a day of fun running and gourmet adventure.

The Design

The organizers want a chic medal but also commemorating the 3rd year of this race. Clean lines, single color were used in the minimalistic medal design. The matte gold coating added elegance to the whole look. Try to avoid fitting in a lot of information and logos, sometimes it clutters the design. Stay with simple logos, skylines and textures to convey the idea. Much of the information can be placed on the neckband ribbons instead. This design are spot on in all the right places!

Creating a simple 5K race medal
Matte medal finishes look clean and elegant

The Production

Once the design is finalized we proceed with mold making of the medal. One thing we had to pay special attention to is the fine details in the fork/knife graphic near the top of the medal. Since these medals are colored by hand manually, we were able to color it carefully in that area one by one. We always start with extra medals so after QC if any of them do not pass we would always have enough medals for the order.

Creating a simple 5K race medal
Creating a simple 5K race medal are mostly color filled by hand, one by one

The result is a simple but yet iconic medal that our client loved! Do you have an medal design idea in mind and looking to start? Give us a call today!