Police badge race medal design ideas

Many fun runs are organized by police departments around the country. It is a perfect opportunity for the law enforcement and community to come together to build strong relations, and educate safety and have fun! In the past few years we have created many police badge themed race medals and we are happy to share with you a few of our tips and ideas:

1. High quality photo of the police badge

This maybe the most important aspect of the medal. We would like to start with a high quality photo or scan of the badge so that when we convert it to the artwork we will have every little detail of the badge in the race medal design. It makes the design and the final medal look so realistic! Most runners when they receive a police badge medal they are amazed at the amount of details, it is as if they have the own police badge!

Police badge race medal for Fresno Police Department

2. Choose your color scheme

Next, decide what will be the coordinating colors in the design. Some will use colors that are already in the badge, while some will use colors that represents the city. Make your color choices consistent with any merchandise or marketing materials that you will be producing for the event.

3. Details, details, details

Police badge race medal

Other than the police badge, think of other details that you’d like to include in the design. Would it be the flower or landmark that the city is known for? Or would it be a person that the event is celebrating? It can be also be a symbol, an outline of the state, or simply the American flag. The use of different plating color also affects the looks of a medal. By incorporating details of your event/community, the medal design becomes a unique keepsake that runners will cherish and remember.