Marathon series race medal

The Design

Race medal for Blue Ridge Marathon
Blur Ridge Marathon series race medal 2019

Blue Ridge Marathon happens every April in Roanoke, VA and it’s dubbed ‘America’s Toughest Road Race’. It draws thousands of runners and spectators to the area. This year being the 10 year anniversary, the organizers wanted to do something different to commemorate the occasion.

Medal design process: virtual mockup, 3D rendering, pre-production sample

When it comes to medal design, it is always helpful for us to get input from clients in the form of inspirations, rough sketches and so on. That is how we can get it right with our designs by finding out what the clients like. We turn these ideas into custom medal designs that the clients just love.

For the 10th anniversary of the Blue Ridge Marathon, the organizers have some ideas of what they want, similar to the 3D medals from X Game, with geometric shapes designs on the ribbons. We used a shiny gold plating, incorporated the mountain range of the Blue Ridge Mountain, with X indicated 10th year.

The Production

Once the design was approved we went ahead to create the mold then a pre-production sample. With shiny metal plating colors sometimes it is hard to see the details on a picture, so we decided to take a video of the medal to so the client can get a better view. It saves time by having to mail a physical sample from our overseas factory to the client. Once they see the video they have a better idea of what the medal looks like and we were good to move onto mass production.

The races bring thousands of people into the area, are gaining new runners from near and far. Not only it boosts local economy and it is fun weekend for the residents there.

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