Fun run medallion made from police badge

police badge 3d medal

Police badge race medals are a special kind – they make great memorabilia, have such incredible details and history. It also happens to be one of our specialty. This time the Fresno Police Department in Central California has a request to turn their police badge into a one of a kind race medal for their fun run.

The design

The first challenge of the project is to make sure we get the client’s expectation and creative input. Luckily, they make a rough sketch of what they have in mind, along with picture of the real police badge we will be using to re-create. A lot of times a simple sketch is all we need to get the design process going! Our designers were able to scan the badge and convert the image into editable graphic elements that we can then use to create the design. When the first draft was sent to the client, they were pleasantly surprised about the accuracy of the design! Check out the transformation below:

Fresno police medal. Police badge race medals

The production

Our production team then create a 3D rendering of the police badge race medal showing us a different view of how it will turn out. A mold is first created, then a few samples pressed up for the client’s approval. The client chose a shiny gold finish that is same gold finish on the original badge. A deep navy blue is used to complement the gold finish. We love how this single color in combination of fine details creates this sophisticated, memorable race medal. The neck band ribbon is designed using the same blue color as well.

police fun run race medal

Our client and the runners are more than thrilled to receive the medals and the community is looking forward to next year’s Support Blue Fresno!

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