Veterans Day 5K for Heroes 3D medal

Custom Veteran's Day Race Medal
Custom Veteran’s Day Race Medal

Here is a Veterans Day custom 3D race medal

Many races that were dedicated to our military happened over Veterans Day weekend in November. Military theme race medals sometimes come in the shape of dog tags, but this time for our clients over at 5K for Heroes they wanted to do something more elaborate. The organizers had an unique idea of having faces on the medal as focal point of the medal.

The Design

Veterans Day 5k custom 3D

The client first did a rough sketch of how they’d like the medal to look – with a picture of the faces to be incorporated, and part of the medal to be spinning. Spinning medals are a unique feature we can add to a medal to make it fun and stand out! We also decided that the faces would be made in 3D so it will add depth and details to the design. Pencil sketches or digital sketches help with design process tremendously, with the help of the client we can combine ideas with our manufacturing and design capabilities to create a race medal that will achieve the ultimate goal of representing the goal of the race!








The Production

Veterans Day 5k custom 3D
Handcrafted clay mold was use to create the faces on the race medal
Veterans Day 5k custom 3D
Here is the finished 3D race medal

When the initial design is completed, we went on to create a mold for a sample medal. However we saw how the medal come out, we knew we had to go a different route – the facial features were too detailed to be molded by our standard machine. Thinking outside the box, instead we sculpted the faces in clay with a skilled artist so that the facial elements can be maintained. From there our mold is tweaked with the clay mold until we have realistic rendition of the design in zinc alloy.













This process took a couple of iterations of edits but it was well worth it! Everyone who received this medal was amazed at the clarity and beauty of the design and details. It was a combination of efforts from our client and our production team. The best work comes from an all around team effort!


Veterans Day 5k custom 3D
The family showing off their finisher medals.

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