Interlocking race medals – California Classic Weekend 2017


California Classic Weekend is a unique race that happens in Fresno California every year in April. A weekend of festivities consists of a running and biking event through the major roads of the city. This year the organizers re-visited the idea of interlocking medals. This is a great incentive for runners to participate in both to get a set of race medal. With a larger piece of canvas there is room for lots of creativity and intricate artwork as well!

The Design

Part of the race goes through the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, so the design of the running race has elements of safari and animals, which is made in 3D. The interlocking part is made with the year 2017. By design the 2 medals will lock nicely together like puzzle pieces. The metal color is black dye, which contrasts nicely with race logo and other elements of the design.

The Production

interlocking-medals-coloring interlocking-half-marathon-medals







In order to make the medals interlock smoothly, during the molding stage our production staff made slightly adjustments to the mold itself to ensure the parts fit perfectly. This is a delicate process and sometimes requires multiple adjustments. Once the mold and sample medal is made and approved, we proceed with production when each and everyone of the medal is carefully polished and colored by hand. The quality control of this project is essential – each medal is checked to make sure it locks and matches the sample.

The medals are a hit for runners and cyclists for sure! Check out the happy faces!

bike race medals
Interlocking race medal