Turkey Trot Race Medal in Silicone Material

Burbank Turkey Trot - 3" silicon medal
Turkey Trot Race Medal in Silicone material


Creating a Turkey Trot Race Medal

Thanksgiving turkey trots are a great tradition in many parts of the country. What a great way to start a long weekend of festivities and celebration with a invigorating run? This year we helped our local Burbank YMCA with the production of their annual Turkey Trot race medals.

The Design

flexible silicone medal
Silicone race medal is flexible

What is a silicone race medal you may ask? Silicone is a flexible polymer as seen in bracelets, cell phone covers and kitchenware. In the recent years it has been a popular choice for fun runs. It works best with whimsical and fun designs. It is child and family friendly because it does not bear as much weight as traditional medals. The Turkey Trot design features a colorful turkey with city landscape on purple background. It is perfect to be done on silicone material and the colors will come out bright, full of contrast and festive.







The Production

Silicone medals are done partly by machine and hand. As you can see in the following video, once the mold is made, the machine can be programmed to do some of the coloring, saving hours of manual labor. The intricate and most detailed part of the design is still be done by hand.


The result? A morning of fun, energetic festivities with a great crowd, and everyone goes home with their own Turkey Trot race medal to show off at their Thanksgiving meals!

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