Custom bottle opener race medal

Custom Bottle Opener Race Medal for Westport Half Marathon

In the recent years custom bottle opener race medal for beer run has become increasing popular, many local craft breweries sponsor various fun runs and charity runs. A great way to incorporate the theme into the race medal is creating a design that doubles as a bottle opener. Bottle opener race medals are great because it is not only a memorabilia but also a functional tool runners will keep around.

For Westport Half Marathon, the 13.1 route takes runners around the coastal area of Westport, MA and ends at the sponsor’s brewery for finish line festivities and refreshing beer. The organizers had the idea to incorporate an opener to the medal.

The Design

Race medal Design process from digital file into actual finished medal

The design of the medal consists of a scenic view of the coast, and to keep it in an antique look, it will be molded in 3D die cast. Our design team took the artwork and created a 3D rendering of the medal. As you can see below, the finished product matched the 3D rendering to the tee! It gives the customer a realistic view of how it will look like. We also made the edge of the medal very similar to beer caps, keeping consistent in the theme of beer!

The Production

Since we are created the jagged edge of the medal like beer caps, there was not a good way to add a ribbon attachment like a hook, we used a hidden ribbon attachment in the back, so that the overall look is kept. We offer a variety of ribbon attachments, and feel free to be creative about it!
The final product is a rustic medal with an antique look, and best of all, a functional tool that participants will treasure.

Are you looking for a functional bottle opener race medal or something creative? Contact us today to get your project started!