Happy Girls Half Marathon Finisher Bracelet

Photo credit: www.instagram.com/runhappygirls

Running races come in all shapes and forms these days, and why aren’t the race medals as well? That is exactly what the organizers for the Happy Girls Spokane Half Marathon is thinking. Their signature races celebrates strong women, friendship and hard work. They wanted to create a medal that reflects just that. So they came up with an idea of a finisher bracelet. And we are ready to help them turn it into a reality!

The Design

Revised artwork by our graphics team

Our designer first reviewed the paisley flower themed design for the bracelet and consulted with our production department to verify the size and details of the design. Upon careful inspection we decided that the artwork has to be simplified slightly to make sure all the details in the design can be colored properly. This is an important step as soft enamel process is different from other forms of decoration, the colors in the design are going to be filled manually color by color. Every details need to be checked out before the mold is made. After the final design is approved by the client, we are ready to proceed to creating the mold.

Bracelet medal before color fill

The Production

This bracelet is created just like any other soft enamel race medals – a mold is to be created first. This time in the shape of a bracelet. Then the colors are filled one by one manually. This is a careful process that is done by our skillful staffers. Due to the shape of the bracelet, the handling of the piece poses a longer production process. However it is all worth the wait. The finishing piece is breathtakingly original and gorgeous!

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com/katerunswa


The finishers of the race all complimented how unique and fabulous their finisher bracelets were. Not only did they received a race medal, but also a new piece of jewelry for many other occasions!

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