Trail run race medal in custom foot shape

In the midst of summer in August, the SAR Wild Run takes place in he beautiful Sierra scenery of Shaver Lake, with breathtaking meadows, forests and cool streams – all for a good cause. This Fresno County Search And Rescue fundraiser draws crowd of running enthusiasts, families and nature loves every year. It also has a reputation of unique and unforgettable race medals for each participant. Last year they did an antique finish 3D medallion and this year things

The Design

half marathon medal design

The main element of the design revolves around the Big Foot, which is the mascot of the race. This time around the shape of the medal is a foot with the 3D shape of the big foot face on top of it. The entire medal is coated in antique bronze. We did not use any color fills on this so it allows the elements to be extra 3-dimensional. The medal is about 3mm thick but the thickest part of the foot and face is close to 5mm. It looks and feels a substantial medal!

The Production

Usually a customer will have a rough idea of the medal design on a sketch or in the form of the logo. We will take that idea and morph it into a workable medal design file. Additional details that maybe added includes medal finish, thickness, raised and recessed parts, color fills and any other revision required to modify a design into something that can be molded as a medal. Once our graphics department completed that a virtual proof will be sent to the client for approval. This gives the customer a good idea of what the medal will look and feel like, and request any changes required. Once the mold and sample medal is finished, it will take longer for any revision cycle to take place. The client is pleased with our sample medal and so off to production it goes!

Once again the participants of SAR Wild Run will have something unforgettable and fun to take home that day!

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