Race medal for Non Profit Fun Run – Love Give Live 5K

Life Link 2015 5k race-88
Medal for Non Profit Run. Kids love their medals!

About the Event

Lifelink Foundation is a non-profit community service organization dedicated to the recovery of life-saving and life-enhancing organs and tissue for transplantation therapy.  The inaugural Love Give Live 5K took place in sunny Tampa, FL. This family friendly event helped raised funds and awareness for Lifelink Legacy Fund and Donate Life Florida.

The Design

lifelink ribbons
Medal for Non Profit Run.

Medal for Non Profit Run. Kids love their medals!
The organizers of the event needed help with the design of the medal. All they had at that time was the logo of the run. However it was a bit crowded for all the info to be placed on the medal. After consulting with the client it was decided that the presenting and title sponsors would be printed in full-dye sublimation on the neck band , leaving the logo and name of event on the medal. The final design was incorporated with the branding colors in a simple and clean way.


We were also asked to create 12 winner medals in different categories. Since adding winner info (1st, 2nd, and 3rd etc) will result in multiple mold fees and therefore driving the costs way over budget, we suggested to laser engrave the information onto back of medals instead. By doing so they will not need to use generic winner medals and the winners will have an extra special medals with their achievements on the back.

Laser engraving on back of medal

The event was very well received by the community and participants. Just take a look at the happy and smiley faces!

Life Link 2015 5k race-111

Life Link 2015 5k race-126
Framing the medal is a great way to thank the sponsors or replace race plaques

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Photo credit: Lifelink Foundation