How a race medal can help increase race registration

3" police badge medal in glossy gold finish

Some people run for the adrenaline rush, some run for weight loss, and some run for the bling! This year the Polar Bear Run organized by the Wadesboro Police in North Carolina decided to reward the runners with a medal very similar to their police badge. Let’s take a look at how it all came together!

The Design

The Wadesboro Police provided us with their badge and our expert graphic design team worked hard on converting the artwork into a format that we can use for medal design. Take a look at the below digital mockup, we did a pretty accurate job of the conversion! They also wanted to make the neckband like a police tape with the words “POLICE DO NOT CROSS”. Many times the best ideas come from our customers, and it is the collaborations that make the project and the end results great!


The Production

Our production team uses shiny gold as the medal finish, matching it to the actual police badge. The amount of details on the medal matches that of the badge. When we work with this type of project, it helps to have the actual badge or a high resolution scan so we can be as accurate as possible. After the medal has been polished and electroplated, it is then sent to be color filled one by one, by hand. This process is meticulously done with fine detail!

The organizers revealed the sample medal picture on the website and they happily reported that the number of registration spiked. Runners love to see what they are getting, it gets them excited and they end up inviting their friends as well. Many runners complimented on this medal design and said will be back next year!

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Photo credit: Wadesboro Police

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