80s Rapper Gold Race Medal – McKinney Mini

Gold Race Medal Design
Gold Race Medal Design

About the Event

Medal designs are most fun when clients have a crazy good idea. So when Frisco Running approached us with a 80s hip-hop gold chain style race medal, we knew this was going to be great! The race McKinney Mini benefits “Pencils for Promise”, a non-profit that builds new schools and sponsors teacher training for un-derserved communities in Laos, Guatemala, and Ghana.

The Design

Gold Race Medal Design
The sketch that customer originally sent for design

An image is worth a thousand words, the client emailed us a rough sketch of the medal and once we confirmed the style details they wanted, we got right to work. The event name was styled large and bold, all in a shiny gold finish. There was no color fill on this design, as we kept it authentic 80s! 2 different versions of medals were created: a larger 4″ for half marathon/relay and smaller 3″ for 5K. As for the neck ribbons we took colors from its logo and used them for inspiration for the design. A virtual medal was completed and sent to the client for approval!



mckinney mini medals
Gold Race Medal Design. From original to gold plated

As you can see, when a medal is freshly molded, it does not have any of the metal finishes that you’d normally see on the finished product. The medal is made of zinc alloy, it is first smoothed, sanded then electroplated for the finish. What a difference does a layer of coating make right? The sample medal was sent to the client to be signed off, and they were pleased with how the vision has turned into a reality!









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