Creative race medal idea – Resolution Run


The new year brings new beginnings and new goals, what would be better than starting it all off with a great running race? The Resolution Run in Frisco TX is an annual event that brings the community together. This year the organizer contacted us with a great idea for their finisher medal.

The Design

Custom race medal ideas

The idea is to create a race medal that looks and feels like a weight. To start off we used an image of a weight and added the details of the race. An antique finish is used here to make it look used.  Just check out our rendering and the sample medal! For the neckband we used a combination of red, white and blue for the design, it matches very well with the finisher medal which has minimal color fills. Since the race has both 5K and half marathon, the organizer decided to make a larger medal for half than 5K. Creating a medal set is a great way to encourage runners to the longer race for an extra special medal!

The Production


Once the design is complete we took it to molding stage to create a mold, from that point a sample medal is created. We took great care to polish it in such a way that it has the used vintage weight look. It is an important detail and makes it look that much more real. The result is a good looking medal that is memorable and motivating!

Do you have a great idea for a medal design and need someone to complete your vision? Contact us today!