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About the Event

Aztlan Athletics creates and manages fundraising events in the Los Angeles area. Their event Conquer the Overlook is a 5K race that includes a 282-step climb in the Baldwin Hills area. The event happens in the late afternoon, so after the race the runners will get a nice view of the sunset in beautiful Los Angeles.


conquer the overlook design
Design process: sketch, virtual mockup, mold, and final product

The first thing that caught our attention in the event registration page is the beautiful night sky in the background. How often do you go to a race and get to enjoy such an incredible view afterwards? So the client and we agree that the night sky will be the backdrop to the medal design. We suggested using a glitter effect to add shimmer to the night sky to mimic the stars.











The glitter power is added by hand on each medal.
The glitter power is added by hand on each medal.

With all our medal designs, the client will first approve a virtual medal, and then we move onto creating a medal mold. A sample is then created for the client to review before mass production. A sample medal is crucial because the clients do not see the 3D effects, finish, medal colors realistically in the virtual mockup. In this project, we want to make sure the client is happy with the glitter effect, so when we presented the client with the image of the sample, they were very impressed of how nice it has turned out. The shimmering medals is a nice reminder that this event is special and memorable.

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