Virtual 5K 10K Turkey Trot Race

burbank ymca turkey trot medal 2020

It has been a tradition on every Thanksgiving morning for people to gather in Burbank to run in one of the largest turkey trot in the Los Angeles area. This year however, the organizers at Burbank YMCA transitioned the race to a virtual 5K 10K turkey trot instead. The race may look different but the goals are the same: keep every running and raising important funds for the organization.

Planning a Virtual Race

Virtual run race package

While there is no guidebook and online resource on how to plan a virtual race but the YMCA took on this challenge. This virtual 5K 10K Turkey Trot Race and any other race is all about teamwork. Social media, medal production, runners swags all worked in getting registrations. Encourage runners to sign up with an awesome medal and other goodies such as running shirts, athletic masks, bandanas is a great start. Some organizers are putting together virtual race kits that get mailed to the runners home. Put together a nice looking race kit, and you will see “unboxing” videos all over social media!

Don’t Forget Your Sponsors

Just because the race is virtual does not mean there is no place for sponsors. Having a well planned race kit will give your sponsors a great place to showcase products and services to potential customers. Take a look how Amazon and Asics have done it at the Boston Marathon. The mailer box, back of t-shirt, and any other branded merchandise you produce can be allocated to sponsor logos to increase revenue and help with operation costs.

Race Kit Distribution


Many race directors are getting very creative with race kit distribution. Some opt for in person pickup but in the form a drive-through. Create an engaging experience and excitement around your cause, goals and sponsors! This is where you can get very creative and try out some new ideas that you have had for a long time!

Some races that attract national wide runners have gone for mailing race kits directly to people’s homes. Doing so will allow people who do not live in the same geographical area to still participate and be part of the event. Some organizers maybe short-handed with mailing and shipping kits all over the world. Don’t worry, we can help you with distribution of all your medals and race kits!