Glow in the dark race medal – Moonlight 5K

Glow in the dark race medal

In the midst of summer, the best time to run is often after the sun goes down! The organizers for the inaugural Moonlight 5K made this into a fun night-time running race that is fun for all ages. When they first came to us with this design, we immediately thought glow-in-the-dark colors will be an awesome feature of the medal, along with the black dye medal coating.

The Design

The organizers already have the medal design very much finished. Our design team took the design and transformed name of the race in green to glow in the dark ink. When working with glow in the dark ink, keep in mind not all colors will work, the best colors are mostly yellow to green hues. Sometimes we will modify the design a bit to incorporate the glow in the dark color to showcase the important elements that will pop when it is dark!

Glow in the dark colors on race medals are also a great feature for Halloween runs, night time run events, glow runs. It adds a little bit of sparkle to the design and goes very well with the theme!

The Production

The process of making glow in the dark race medal are very much like the others. The difference comes in the time when the color is filled. We took a picture of the sample medal in broad daylight, and we took another picture of the medal when it is dark. This way the client is able to see the glow in the dark effect. The black dye race medal finish also is a finish touch providing a contrasting background to all the bright colors being used.

Insider tip: glow in the dark medals should be set outside under sunlight or indoor light for a few hours before the race so they will glow at race time!

See the glow in the dark race medal with and without light

The inaugural Moonlight 5K was a success! Not only it is a fun and relaxing running event but the participants also went home with a special one-of-a-kind race medals that are going to be talked about for a long time to come!