Irvine Lake Mud Run Race Medal


Creating a Mud Run Race Medal.

Mud runs are messy, wild, fun and challenging – it requires a whole different level of physical fitness to compete. The Irvine Lake Mud Run, in its 8th year, has been an Orange County local favorite because of its unique obstacle course, food and music post-run festivals. This year we were able to help them out with a fun design medal with an antique look.

The Design

Mud Run Race Medal
Mud Run Race Medal

The Irvine Lake Mud Run race medals have always featured fun, colorful designs. This year was no different. The playful flower design was accented by the brand colors in blue, green and orange. We kept the number of colors low so that the overall medal will be consistent with the branding and logos of the Mud Run. The neckband features sponsors of the run in a full color printed dye-sublimated ribbon.

Tip: if there are a number of sponsors for the race, put sponsor names or logos on the neckband!
























The Production

The first choice for the medal finish was the shiny silver finish, however we thought it will be interesting to see how the medal would look in antique silver. We offer many different medal finish options , and often it dramatically changes the look of the medal and brings a new dimension of depth in the design. You can see below the shiny and antique silver of the same medal. In the end the client went with the antique medal, which made the fine details of the medal more 3-dimensional and prominent.



Running and fitness should not only be challenging but fun, not to mention being able to spend the day with friends and getting a little messy. The more muddy it gets the merrier!
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